John Wells

Managing Director (Owner) –  Major Account Manager

1987 – John started his career in the Screen Printing industry servicing the Automotive sector and quickly moved from the factory floor into production planning and production management.

1990 – John joined Ausfab Plastics Australia as a production assistant and was promoted to Production Manager in 1991.

2000 to Today  – Ausfab Plastics under the management and ownership of John Wells , achieved the Kmart Supplier of the year award for excellence in customer service. Ausfab has also been able achieve an unbroken supply agreement for fabricated products with the Coles Group for over 30 years.

John managed all aspects of the business including purchasing, design, and process control until 2001, at which point an opportunity arose to purchase the business from the retiring owner John Calder.

John has since diversified the business from purely Acrylic fabrication to a multi-faceted business which now incorporates a wide range of services from injection moulding, plastic extrusion,3D product design, logistics and now occupies 3 production/warehousing facilities in the Thomastown area.

John is equally at home on the factory floor as he is in the corporate environment.

He has extensive experience in retail fitting design, production planning and implementation.

If John gives you a delivery date, then Ausfab will deliver it on time every time.

John is committed to customer service, it is the primary focus at Ausfab Plastics as we realise that offering a friendly, helpful and efficient service is what keeps our customers coming back to us , some of which have been with us for over 30 years.

Please feel free to contact John any time to discuss your projects or to simply get some advice on the best material or design solution to your problem.


Mark Perry

Design Manager & Purchasing (Industrial Designer)

1996 to Today – Mark is a fully qualified industrial designer with a deep passion for all things design, and a firm belief that design is more than just a job – it’s a way of life.

Mark is a whiz in everything C.A.D and can make your ideas come alive in a virtual world before production is required.

With 20 years in the retail design industry, Mark brings has plenty of experience and creativity create your point of sale display, your shelf management system, your bulk confectionary system, and any number of retail solutions.  Married, with 3 cats and a dog, Mark tries to not take life too seriously and prides himself on always being helpful and approachable.

Mark is always happy to take your call and sit down with you to brainstorm your ideas.


James Pacher

Production Manager and Logistics Manager & Account Manager

1996 –  Today –  James started with Ausfab after completion of his V.C.E.

James is our production expert and knows all the tricks of the trade.

James extensive experience in Acrylic fabrication and his commitment to this as a career is highly valued.

James quickly progressed from the production floor to the role of Production Manager in 2000 and is responsible for all production output from our facility, he also has C.A.D. experience and often designs units for his customers. James is always friendly and helpful and can assist with all enquiries from product design to manufacturing to logistics.

Contact James at any time to discuss your project and he will follow it through to completion.