1975 to 2000

Ausfab plastics Australia , was founded by John Calder(retired) in 1975 who, after a successful high level career at Woolworths, started a small family owned manufacturing business with retail fittings as its primary focus. This small business quickly grew into national supplier of acrylic fabricated products to all of the major retailers in Australia. John Calder invested in state of the art equipment and was one of the first fabricators in Australia to realise the potential of a laser cutting machine in the fabrication industry and Ausfab Plastics has retained this competitive advantage until the present day.

2000 to Today

Ausfab Plastics under the management and ownership of John Wells , achieved the Kmart Supplier of the year award for excellence in customer service. Ausfab has also been able achieve an unbroken supply agreement for fabricated products with the Coles Group for over 30 years.

John Wells has since diversified the business from purely Acrylic fabrication to a multi-faceted business which now incorporates a wide range of services from injection moulding, plastic extrusion,3D product design, logistics and now occupies 3 production/warehousing facilities in the Thomastown area.