Ausfab Plastics Australia has been at the forefront of acrylic fabrication since our beginnings in 1978. We were one of the first acrylic fabricators to utilize in-house laser cutting technologies in Melbourne.

Many of the features and production techniques offered by our competitors were originally developed at Ausfab; all our products are laser cut, which enables us to maintain tolerances far beyond the capabilities of hand machining and router cutting. As we have been one of the largest volume fabricators in Australia for over 20 years, we have relationships with our suppliers and buy in such large volumes that we purchase our raw material at industry leading rates.

Our commitment to providing service that exceeds our client’s expectations and a willingness to solve problems has seen us become a valued partner to many of Australia’s best names in retail Supermarkets, Post Offices, Liquor Retailers, Pharmacies, Fashion houses, Newsagents and Bookstores.

We pride ourselves on being helpful and approachable, we often help our clients find the right solution even though it may not mean that we benefit directly, if we think another business or technology can offer a more suitable solution, and then we will recommend them to you. We do this because we know that if we find the right solution this time, you may come back later to work with us on another project.

In the past 10 years, we have diversified our business into a wide range of products not usually associated with a Plastic fabricator and we have developed strong trading relationships with international suppliers in China and Thailand and Malaysia. This expansion in product range and sourcing capabilities allows us to manage even the largest projects.

Our dedicated and experienced management team, outstanding production staff and state of the art machinery give us a broad manufacturing capability and proven ability to provide the widest range of retail plastic solutions.